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Monday April 23, 2018 

Bologna nowadays
Cheerful, lively, dynamic, animated by the free spirit of the people living in it and the vitality of many students that chose it, Bologna is one of the most interesting cities in Italy.
Surrounded by green hills, in the shade of the towers and under the porches, it hides countless masterpieces of art and architecture, like its century-old buildings, the ancient churches and the pieces of art of popular artists like Guercino, Guido Reni, Carracci and Morandi.
Bologna unveils all these beauties to those willing to discover them, with no hurry, strolling down its streets, enjoying gorgeous vistas from its porches and tasting the specialities of its cuisine. That is the only way to discover the secret that makes this city so fascinating, the strange chemistry that naturally blends culture and fun, efficiency and a convivial spirit, unique features, hard to find somewhere else. You will realize it just visiting it, even though often Bologna is not included in the main tourist itineraries, replaced by more popular destinations like Florence or Venice.
There are many reasons to visit Bologna though, as we can see from some of its nicknames, defining it as the "erudite" city, since it has one of the most prestigious and ancient universities in Europe, of the "fat city", with an irresistible food tradition, with tortellini, tagliatelle, the meat sauce and salami, appreciated all over the world. It is also called the "red city", due to the roofs of the houses, coloured in yellow, pink or orange, creating a cosy atmosphere that makes anyone cheerful, the same cheerfulness we find in the character of its inhabitants, open and kind, people renowned for a rare value: knowing how to enjoy the pleasures of life.
You can see all this delving into the atmosphere surrounding Bologna, enjoying the pleasant moments of the day in this city, like drinking a glass of wine, chatting with friends. And if the cheerful spirit of this city tantalizes anyone that visits it, the quality of life in Bologna is very high as well. The city is on a human scale, and this feature makes it pleasant and enjoyable, with its beautiful squares and green areas, authentic relaxing oasis. Visit it, you will not be deceived.