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Monday April 23, 2018 

Where to eat

Antica Trattoria Spiga

Via Broccaindosso, 21/a

Sunday and Monday night closed
An ancient trattoria popular since the Middle Ages where the traditional cuisine is still alive, with specialities like tripe and pasta with beans.

Buca delle Campane

Via Benedetto XIV, 4/a

Sunday closed
The inn has a very suggestive atmosphere, as it is inside the cellars of a 13th-century building: wide choice of wines and music

Buca di San Petronio

Via de' Musei, 4

Telephone Sunday closed
It is one of the most popular restaurants in Bologna, situated behind the church with the same name. It serves traditional specialities: from tortellini to fried meat.

Cantina Bentivoglio

Via Mascarella, 4/b

Telephone: Monday closed
It is a two-floor restaurant situated in what once was a cellar of an historical building. It is an elegant environment with live jazz music, where guests can taste excellent wines and traditional dishes.

Da Fabio

Via del Cesello, 2/a

Telephone: Monday closed
it is a an elegant restaurant where guests can taste excellent traditional Emilian specialities and delicious desserts served at the buffet.Lavish portions.

I Carracci

Via Manzoni, 2

Telephone: August closed
The elegant restaurant, situated in the very centre, inside an historical building, serves the typical Emilian cuisine and also international specialities.

L'Anatra e l'Arancia Bistrot

Via Rolandino 1/2

Telephone: Sunday closed
This elegant restaurant is situated next to the church of San Domenico; it is furnished with great care, and it serves international cuisine specialities

Osteria de' Poeti

Via de' Poeti, 1/b

Telephone: Monday closed
In the cellars of a 15th-century building there is this popular inn with vaulted ceiling and wooden walls, a wide range of wines and traditional dishes.

Osteria dell'Orsa

Via Mentana, 1/f

Telephone: Saturday afternoon and Sunday closed
One of the favourite places for people in Bologna who like to stay out late at night, where first courses, 40-cm sandwiches and half-a-metre canapés are served.


Via della Zecca 2/h

Telephone: Sunday closed
It is an elegant restaurant, not to be missed if you want to taste the most traditional cuisine from Bologna.