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Monday April 23, 2018 

Weekend in town

A town divided in two; its history told in its fine buildings, old districts and squares.






Reggio Calabria


Discover little-known corners of the Veneto region and its artistic treasures, to sample its excellent cuisine and full-bodied wines

Padua, the city of Giotto, Santo and the Church Doctors. The first was from Florence and came here to paint the masterpiece of his most inspired and yet mature season. The second was Portuguese and spent the last three years of his saintly life in this Veneto city. The Church Doctors came from the four corners of the world to found one of the most ancient and prestigious universities. This is Padua, a complex city of many talents with an eclectic temperament that loves to hide even from its inhabitants, although for eight centuries it has welcomed thousands of students every year. This is the charm of a city of culture.

Visit to Orvieto, treasure surrounded by the gentle hills of Umbria, city of the Duomo, great masterpiece of the Italian Gothic containing the marvellous frescoes by Gentile da Fabriano, Filippo Lippi and Signorelli. Let's discover the city with its churches and Renaissance buildings, the city with the heart of tufa



Trip to Cagliari, Sardinian city with ancient traditions but also renowned and modern tourist resort, with beautfiul beaches and a pleasantly mild climate, with nice summers and winetrs which are never too cold.

Catania, marvellous baroque city on a fascinating sea, is one of the points of reference of the Mediterranean tradition. The city, full of beautiful landscapes and architecture, can be lively, full of interesting events to meet the taste and the expectations of anyone


Streets and canals in exquisite labyrinth... ground and water to enjoy... this is the Serenissima, unique Italian art pearl, ideal place for Orient and Occident.

Am Fusse des majestätischen Monte Pellegrino, in einer malerischen Bucht, die „Conca d'Oro", liegt Palermo. Discoveritalia schlägt Ihnen drei verschiedene Route vor, um die Hauptstadt Siziliens kennezulernen. Bei Sonnenschein und strahlend blauem Himmel werden Sie die Kunst und die Vitalität diese historische Stadt geniessen... sowie ihre köstlichen Spezialitäten!

Walking in the shade of the towers of Bologna and under the porches, we are captured by the cheerful, exuberant spirit of the Emilian city, with its crowded squares and the tables, always full of delicious meals.

We can discover the identity of the city through the beautiful baroque buildings, the century-old cratf and the ancient Salento cuisine

This multiethnic and multicultural city, once an harbour of the Austro-Hungarian empire, focuses on a future of science and technology

The Superb City awakens, from the Porto Antico to the mysterious carruggi, it fascinates us with the charm of a city that seemed quiescent and, on the contrary, is full of ravishing surprises.

Lets discover the old hearth of the town of Romeo and Juliet; traces of a grand past among Roman era monuments, castles and medieval buildings.

Splendid and exuberant, carefree and seductive, the Partenopean city is a magnificent book of art which you leaf through step by step. You discover the thousand faces of a unique city, in which history and culture have become popular tradition.

Let's visit the city of the seven hills and get fascinating by innumerable testimonies of its past: at any corner, from Colosseum to Vatican, from Pantheum along the Tevere, you will get involved in the mystic atmosphere of the ancient City.

Ancient history of this town... Perugia gives to its visitors a continued atmosphere of other times, between the medieval churches, the wonders of Perugino and a great tradition in wines and gastronomic tastes.






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