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Monday April 23, 2018 
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Discovering Puglia
Puglia per tutte le stagioni

A twelve month journey
A twelve month journey

Before leaving to discover one of the Italy's most extraordinary and surprising regions, top of the 2008 national grid as being the Italian's favourite tourist destination, the first step is to visit the Puglia official tourism website Available in three languages (for those accessing by mobile phone the address is it won the 2009 'Bit Award' for the 'best Italian web site for accessibility, surfing and up to date content' by way of a survey carried out by the La Sapienza University in Rome.
The numbers stemming from the survey give an immediate idea of the extent of information: new thematic areas, covering art and architecture, sport and welfare, meetings and conferences. More than 7 thousand entries on tourist services give details on accommodation, restaurants, beauty spots, places to see and about a thousand entries relevant to areas, all of which have been geographically marked on a satellite map. This instrument identifies a church, a castle or any other place, but also allows one to plan 'on the spur' routes which can be downloaded in pdf form or in a version compatible with sat. navs.
There are numerous itineraries available to discover and explore Puglia on foot, by bicycle, motorbike, car, land-rover or boat all year round, as well as weekend proposals organized according to the time of the year. The Multimedia Gallery has dozens of galleries of videos, photographs also in 3D formation for a virtual 'visit' to our region's main tourist attractions. Events and news are up-dated daily as is the meteorological service and sea weather forecasts. There is just about everything one needs to plan a tailor-made holiday.

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The Salento sea

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